Happy 60th Birthday Michael
23 July 2021
Penblwydd Hapus Michael
33 years of friendship, discussion, debate, cooking, wearing red socks, science, singing, teaching, drinking wine, excursions and putting the world to rights!
I hope you have a great day and a great evening to mark this momentous day!
- Carl
Happy birthday Michael,
This seems the right time to tell you just how much our long friendships means to me.
Your wise and considered responses were a huge influence on my boys as they grew up and continue to be a resource that I draw on.
Your kindness and support are always valued.
I wish you many years of health and happiness to come.
With lots of love,
- Paula and Jill
Remember the heady days in Nottingham, chewing the fat till 3 in the morning with a load of undergraduates!
Exciting times training as a singer and actor!
What a trajectory. 
Congratulations x
- John Sears
Hmm! Memories?
Michael standing in the bathroom doorway taking delight in encouraging our mother, attending to my grazed knee, with the words "What you need is Iodine."
Happy birthday brother dear.
- Dieter
Have happy memories of talking much music and philosophy in Nottingham, Michael.
A summer beer and Beethoven in the garden of the pub at the foot of Magdala Road or a Chinese Meal and ruminating over Debussy at Nick Murza’s one winter evening (latter may be the only time I’ve listened to ‘Pelleas et Melisande’ all the way through at one sitting).
Happy memories to evoke on a happy birthday.
- John Snape